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Catch Up

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Okay, guys, I know it has been a LOOONNNGGG time since I updated the blog.  At least I did a pretty good job with my first year in Australia with 25 posts!  The thing is, I have been going to a lot of the same places I have already blogged about.  And I spend 6 weeks in the U.S. in June and July and really didn’t take many pictures.  

On the photos, there is one new Australian place that seemed like paradise.  Lorne, Victoria is about 2 hours north of Melbourne.  I had to go there to do a presentation at a Principal’s conference.  I stayed at a beautiful hotel and had a room looking out on the beach and the awesome cypress (?) trees in the pictures.

Also had a great time in California the end of June.  The weather (until San Fran) was gorgeous and the places I stayed outstanding.  In San Jose (twice) I took groups of customers to Cisco.  In San Diego, got to catch up with BFF’s at ISTE. And in San Fran, got to spend 2 fun days with Will, my youngest.

Thanks for being patient, dear readers!


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