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A New Year in Sydney…and Singapore

So sorry to all my “followers” for dropping the blog ball for over a month!  I have been pretty busy since returning to work.  It was interesting that most of my Australian colleagues trickled back to work over the month of January…some did not return until Feb. 1!  It’s kind of an Aussie thing to take off a lot in January, as it is their summer holiday time with kids out of school.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  Most of January was cool and rainy.  We are still waiting for hot, sunny days!

Some of the holidays, outside of Christmas, that are celebrated include Boxers Day, Chinese New Year (2 weeks worth) and Australia Day.  I have taken some pictures of some of the events on these days.  See pics here

Jan at the Pagoda

Last week I had to go to Singapore for business.  We flew about 40 top customers there and put them up at the Singapore Four Seasons.  What an awesome hotel!  I was waited on hand and foot.  Every time I came back to my room someone had been in there cleaning and filling up the ice bucket!  Singapore was a delight.  Very multi-cultural, very clean, more western than eastern.  The buildings were amazing…almost as good as Dubai. I didn’t get much time to go sight seeing, so definitely hope to go back!

Taking it easy this weekend.  Travelling wears you out…the plane flight itself was 8 hours!  That’s one thing about living in Oz…nothing is close!


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