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Trans-continental Holiday

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It has been a holiday season to remember!  On December 16th I headed back to Tennessee.  The jet lag was pretty bad for about 5 days.  Why is it that its worse traveling East than West??  Something to do with losing days?

I spent my time at home cooking, decorating, and visiting with friends and family.  Although my Christmas cookies were a disaster due to lowfat butter, the Christmas dinner was outstanding!  The star of the dinner was a turkey that my son Adam had brined in cider and smoked.  All three sons were home for the holidays and my parents joined us for 3 nights.

I travelled back to Sydney on the 28th.  It was really hard to leave home.  I went with my friend Andi West’s crowd out on a boat in Sydney Harbour for New Year’s Eve.  What a great party!  Achored close to the Harbour Bridge and saw not one but two super duper fireworks shows.  Definitely the best I’ve ever seen (including Washington D.C. on July 4) and I will always remember it.

I returned to the office this week only to find everybody else is still on holiday!  It turns out the Aussies work right up to Christmas day and then take off a good part of January.  I am enjoying the quiet in the office and the lack of crowds on trains and in the shops, etc.

Another interesting thing….Boxer’s Day was the first Monday after Christmas.  It is a holiday based on the English tradition of the gentry giving boxed gifts to their servants on this day.  Before I found this out, though, I was totally off track because on this day I saw an older gentleman walking the streets in his boxers!!

Happy New Year to all my readers!  


Comments on: "Trans-continental Holiday" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Happy New Year to you– I look forward to reading your 2012 postings from Oz

  2. LOL! The Boxer snafu is hilarious!

    I think I’d like working down under. I’ve taken the week after Christmas off for the past 30 years. Our Aussie friend tells us I could get a good job down there. If we both end up getting cut I may have to find out. The State wants to combine and eliminate departments and jobs. Our niece Kim’s husband Jeff just got his 90 day notice they are cutting his job. He’s in property management/maintainence. They decided they could save money by replacing employees with contractors. A lot of the IT jobs have been outsourced already. There are a lot of Indian contractors in our officies now also. I’m sure the companies that hired them are only payig them a fraction of the $160/hr they are charging the State. One of our assistant commissioners had already expressed his opinion that the development staff employess should be eliminated.

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