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I have been moving very fast the last couple of weeks and haven’t had time to upload my pics or write for my blog.  Soooo….I will try to give you all a snapshot of the highlights.  On Thanksgiving I went to a dinner hosted by the American Australian Association.  About 150 people, most of whom seemed to be Australian.. I did meet a lovely couple.  The husband from Sydney and wife from Alabama. She was a wonderful whiff of the down home south that I miss!  The aus version of turkey and dressing was not so hot but at least they got the pumpkin pie right!

Last weekend I took the ferry to Watson’s Bay.     About a 30 minute ferry ride southeast of Sydney.  I had a lovely walk along a path to the lighthouse, passing a nudist beach along the way (not so lovely).  The lighthouse and views from the top were awesome.  While I was up there a cruise ship came through the strait an d headed out to sea.  Pics to be posted soon!

I’ve spent the last 6 days back in Adelaide. Lots of meetings with a pleasant weekend in the middle.  On Saturday I took the ferry down to the beach.  Got some sun and enjoyed some Coffin Bay oysters.  Sunday I was driven all over the Barossa Valley area by my friend, Paul Rixon and his wife, Anne.  We stopped at a couple of fabulous wineries, visited a few shops and had a fabulous lunch.  Beautiful weather and good company!

One good thing is a recent article published online by Educational Leadership magazine: here
I have been saddened of late by the passing of our dog, Molly.  It was particularly hard for me not to be able to say good bye to her.

I will be going home to Nashville for Christmas on the 16th and am looking forward to spending a couple weeks with the family.

Look for Jans Adventures in Oz to resume in the New Year!


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