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Something’s Happening at the Zoo









Finally!  A beautiful weekend.  I have been saving a visit to the Taronga Zoo for a sunny day and yesterday, I got it!  After spending the a.m. on Skype with the fam, I jumped on the ferry to Circular Quay and then to Taronga Zoo.  The zoo itself is situated on a big hill on a beautiful bay.  The animal enclosures are situated on a series of levels on the hill…I think there are five.  As far as the animals themselves, I think I was spoiled by having gone to Steve Irwin’s place on a previous visit to Australia.  While there was a pretty good variety of Australian indigenous animals, there weren’t many of them and they were mainly lethargic (enjoying the warm day?) and lots more fences and bars between me and them than one sees at Irwin’s place.

All in all, a lovely day.  I have included a couple pics from the way back, as well, including some aborigines that hang out at the Circular Quay, making a few bucks from the tourists.

Looking forward to a nice, warm, sunny week for a change 🙂

Link to Pics





A Visit to the Aquarium

It is so cool that I can walk three blocks and be immersed in some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world!  The Aquarium in Darling Harbor is awesome.  There’s the normal tanks of fish, but it also has two areas in which you walk THROUGH the big tanks…which are full of sharks, rays, reef fish, etc.  My favorite were the Dugong’s….Australia’s version of manatees.

The weather has been cool and rainy, however today (Sunday) was nice.  I baked a lamb for dinner.  MMmmm. It is really good here, and fairly inexpensive.  So is steak.  Chicken and fish are pricey!

Well, this will be a short post…it is late.  Be sure to take a look at my fishy pics!

Already October!

Link to this week’s pictures

This is a 3 day weekend!  Evidently the Aussies celebrate Labor Day now.  We also have had a daylight savings time change.  Of course, I didn’t know either of these things were coming, so nice surprises.  The weather has not been nice.  Cool, rainy and cloudy.  Yesterday, I traveled across the harbour to the CBD (Central Business District) and visited the Australia Museum.  I saw a great dinosaur exhibit, skeleton exhibit and one called the Scott Sisters exhibit.  These sisters worked during the 1800’s to classify and illustrate the moths and butterflies of Aus.  Beautiful water colors.  Interesting life stories.

On the way home, I ran into a South American Festival in full swing in Darling Harbour.  Bands, salsa dancing, exotic food booths.  It lasts for 3 days.  Too bad the weather is not cooperating.

Work is going well.  I think it is cool that Australians tend to take Friday afternoon’s off.  These guys work hard and play hard.  They are VERY dedicated to their sports teams: rugby, soccer and “footie.”  There is a pub across the way from my balcony and I can hear them roaring from here on most nights!

My homesickness is getting a little better. Some of the things I do to fight it:

1. Skype with family and friends every Saturday and Sunday morning (Fri. and Sat. night in US)

2. Listen to American Rock and Roll

3. Stay busy, lots of walks. Gym. Cook.

4. Read

Some things I like here:

1. Butter, lamb, beef are cheap and good!

2. People hang laundry out to dry

3. Good coffee shops on every street

4. Awesome public transportation

5. Ferrys!

Some things I don’t like:

1. TV shows are pretty bad

2. Mail is very slow

3. Riding the train during rush hour

All for now…………

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